Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shower Reveal

David and I have gained some pep in our step! We're so proud of ourselves for tackling our shower floor. After a week and a half of arguing ( we were not meant for home improvement as a team ), working and sweating here is our final result!!

Our only complaint is that we have a spot that was pressed down which collects a tid bit of water and you cannot buy caulk to match anything other than almond or white. BOOO!! Good thing I'm a new found pro at caulk lines!!

Learning to Drum

Kellan went to VA Beach a couple of weeks ago to hear his Grandpa, Mike, play the drums in his new band. Go Grandpa Mike!!! While Kellan was there, Mike used Kellan in his warm ups and look what this little guy learned. I think Kellan's first words may be "more cowbell"

Kellan Stands...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Growing boy...

Happy 6 months & Baptism to our sweet baby boy.
In half of a year you've changed out lives. You've accomplished so much and made us appreciate life in a new way.

Just a few things you've accomplished in your short time here...
You can now bang a hammer
You attract people EVERYWHERE we go
You've eaten vegetables & fruits and even tried a little gatorade thanks to uncle boogie boogie
You rock out everything from a casual onsie to the fancy church going outfit (and mom's favorite=overalls)
You crawl backwards like a maniac
You've been underwater at least twenty times
You sleep through the night (most nights) in your own room
You've been to the North Carolina Mountains, Virginia Beach, Wilmington & DC
You cackle around three times a day at minimum!

We love you our sweet boy <3
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