Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Growing boy...

Happy 6 months & Baptism to our sweet baby boy.
In half of a year you've changed out lives. You've accomplished so much and made us appreciate life in a new way.

Just a few things you've accomplished in your short time here...
You can now bang a hammer
You attract people EVERYWHERE we go
You've eaten vegetables & fruits and even tried a little gatorade thanks to uncle boogie boogie
You rock out everything from a casual onsie to the fancy church going outfit (and mom's favorite=overalls)
You crawl backwards like a maniac
You've been underwater at least twenty times
You sleep through the night (most nights) in your own room
You've been to the North Carolina Mountains, Virginia Beach, Wilmington & DC
You cackle around three times a day at minimum!

We love you our sweet boy <3
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