Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chore & Shower Follow Up...

I'm doing pretty well with the chores. It helps that my Mother-in-law is here! She did pick up the sweeping yesterday and I had to move the vacuuming to today since Kellan was asleep when it was convenient!

We're still trying to decide if we'll hire someone to redo the shower or if we'll DIY. If we could get a confident answer on how to DIY, we would have already started, but there are 100 opinions and each one is different!! The only thing is Kellan's baptism is next week and we are expecting 4 house guests for the weekend and 28 people for lunch on Sunday post Baptism. I DO NOT want a mess of tile and mortar everywhere.

Only time will tell...but I would like our shower to look like this in a couple of days!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nap Time.

I love nap time. From the start to the finish! Since we've officially "ferberized" Kellan, he takes two naps totaling in a good 3 hours per day. Which means I finally have my hands free to do things like chores, pump in quiet, and house projects.

Speaking of house projects... The base of our shower was looking a little less than attractive. The prior owners DIY'd the shower, and the tiles on the walls were great, but the base was atrocious. The grout was peeling up and the tiles would move when you stepped on them. So I decided to buy a dremmel tool yesterday and pull up all of the tile. Come to find out all of the mortar below the tiles were SOAKED! I'm glad we pulled them up, but what do we do now????

We're trying to DIY, but I don't want to repeat the prior mistakes. Any suggestions? Besides hiring someone? Or maybe we should...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Scheduled Chores

This week in the Barton household we are trying a new chore routine. I'm normally the type to let the house go and then as my husband calls it "tornado" out of control into a cleaning frenzy. I am good with keeping laundry and the kitchen clean, but when it comes to sweeping and bathrooms I am a slacker. And with two hairy dogs & a new crawling baby sweeping at least two times a week is a must.

So here's our new routine...

Monday- Laundry and wash sheets on the beds.
Tuesday- Sweep, Mop & Vacuum
Wednesday- Errands/Grocery shopping & Dusting House
Thursday- Bathrooms
Friday- Kitchen Deep Clean
Saturday- Sweep, Mop & Vacuum again.. (BOOOOOO)
Sunday- Prepare meals for Kellan

Everyday I will do a minor straightening of the entire house, which means picking up things that David and I leave lying around. I would say his stuff, but I'm way worse about leaving my things lying around especially in strange places!

I thought if I posted this here I would be more likely to stick to the plan. So, today....LAUNDRY & sheets!! Just in time for Grandmomma Betsy's visit tomorrow night

So glad I have this little guy to keep me company in during my chores.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maymont with Grandmomma

If you're ever in Richmond, I suggest hitting up Maymont Park. They have something for all ages. A historic house for preservation and history lovers, gardens for the botanical fans, and animals for the kiddies. We had a blast with Kellan's Grandmomma at Maymont and hope she will come back to visit again before school starts back.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Traveling Kel

Kellan loves to travel. The getting there part is less than perfect, but once we're there he is in heaven! Lots of hands to hold him and smiles to laugh with. Here he is on our trip to Wilmington last month.

Monday, July 4, 2011

How did this happen? Our little man has gone from a tiny sweet sleeping boy to a big pudgy out of control 5 month old! I say that with great love, he is still as sweet as they come. I know those of you from far away can tell how large he really is from this video, but it's just 100 times cuter in person.

Kellan is a busy bee. He can official scoot backwards and is attempting to crawl. He has placed his knee forward, while in the plank/pushup position. So, I say he's crawling!! Also, we've added oatmeal to his diet, which makes diapering a little less than pleasant. More videos to come!