Monday, July 25, 2011

Scheduled Chores

This week in the Barton household we are trying a new chore routine. I'm normally the type to let the house go and then as my husband calls it "tornado" out of control into a cleaning frenzy. I am good with keeping laundry and the kitchen clean, but when it comes to sweeping and bathrooms I am a slacker. And with two hairy dogs & a new crawling baby sweeping at least two times a week is a must.

So here's our new routine...

Monday- Laundry and wash sheets on the beds.
Tuesday- Sweep, Mop & Vacuum
Wednesday- Errands/Grocery shopping & Dusting House
Thursday- Bathrooms
Friday- Kitchen Deep Clean
Saturday- Sweep, Mop & Vacuum again.. (BOOOOOO)
Sunday- Prepare meals for Kellan

Everyday I will do a minor straightening of the entire house, which means picking up things that David and I leave lying around. I would say his stuff, but I'm way worse about leaving my things lying around especially in strange places!

I thought if I posted this here I would be more likely to stick to the plan. So, today....LAUNDRY & sheets!! Just in time for Grandmomma Betsy's visit tomorrow night

So glad I have this little guy to keep me company in during my chores.

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