Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nap Time.

I love nap time. From the start to the finish! Since we've officially "ferberized" Kellan, he takes two naps totaling in a good 3 hours per day. Which means I finally have my hands free to do things like chores, pump in quiet, and house projects.

Speaking of house projects... The base of our shower was looking a little less than attractive. The prior owners DIY'd the shower, and the tiles on the walls were great, but the base was atrocious. The grout was peeling up and the tiles would move when you stepped on them. So I decided to buy a dremmel tool yesterday and pull up all of the tile. Come to find out all of the mortar below the tiles were SOAKED! I'm glad we pulled them up, but what do we do now????

We're trying to DIY, but I don't want to repeat the prior mistakes. Any suggestions? Besides hiring someone? Or maybe we should...

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